iPOS ĘC iMetrics Point Of Sales System
   iMetrics Point Of Sales System (iPOS) is designed to be simple and easy to use, it is a great solution to maximize your business efficiency and delivers visible
   benefits. It provides you the ability to quickly train a new cashier or manager.
      Food Court and Retail Module

      Restaurant Module

iOS ĘC iMetrics Office System
   iMetrics Office System allows you to get real-time data from all the professional reports. Find out the best seller instantly; know more about the effectiveness
   of ongoing promotions. Headquarter can retrieve all the information real-time from different chain stores immediately by using replication technology.

   iMetrics Back Office System quickly and easily allows making menu and pricing changes, regulating inventory levels. Attendance and time can be faithfully
      Main Screen

iMetrics iOrdering System
   iOrdering is an application for waiters and restaurant. This system is a replacement for classic paper waiter pads which they use for taking orders.
   iPOS integrated with iOrdering system to enhance operation efficiency.

   iOrdering allow waiter to take order using mobile device and send the order of certain table location directly to kitchen to initiate prepare process.


iQS ĘC iQueue System
   iQueue System is the future of queueing as it aims to eliminate the pain of waiting and allows the ease of entering the virtual queue via a mobile app.

   With iQueue System , you can enable your customers to queue virtually and received SMS notifications upon their turn.

iMetrics Stored Value Card System
   Stored Value Card System provides customers with a fast and convenient transaction in the F&B environment. Kiosk Systems are installed for customer to
   purchase card, top-up and check the card balance. Food stalls are equipped with the POS. Card Reader device to perform cashless transaction.


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